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Nina Kraviz Announces US Tour Babylon Festival 2018 Amazon’s A La Carte TV Service, Amazon Channels, Adds CBS All Access Everything You Need To Know About Ai-jen Poo — Meryl Streep's Red Carpet "Date"
Thursday 4 January 2018
6 Quintessential Snow Day Instagrams To Post
While the weather outside is frightful, the inside of your apartment on a snow day is delightful. Since you're definitely not the only one going stir crazy at home, why not join in on all the Instgrammable fun? Here are six shots to stage perfectly to show just how cozy you're being. [MORE]
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Miami's Museum Of Ice Cream Is Killing The Ocean
The Instagrammable wonderland that's made its way from New York to Los Angeles and now, to Miami, might just melt due to all the hot water it's in. The Museum of Ice Cream in Florida, which debuted during Art Basel, has just been hit with a $1000 fine from the city for creating an "environmental hazard." The offending attraction? That oh-so-ubiquitous sprinkle pool everyone has been diving into. You see, those sprinkles, as colorful and cute as they are, are not really sprinkles. They're tiny plastic pods of litter. According to the Miami New Times, a local environmentalist spotted the debris on the sidewalk and street outside the museum and realized they were sticking to people's clothes and falling off outside. When rain sweeps them into storm drains, they're going directly into the ocean and can cause some detrimental effects to marine life. Not cool. While we're the last ones to stop you from waiting on a ridiculously long line for the sake of a 'gram, you should probably make like Taylor Swift and "Shake It Off" before you leave. [MORE]
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Snowy Scenes From NYC's Bomb Cyclone
Well if this isn't some Day After Tomorrow shit, then really, what is? [MORE]
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Grime Finally Has Its Own Genre Category On Spotify
Streaming giant Spotify recently made the decision to add grime as its own genre category on the platform. The announcement was made yesterday via Twitter by senior editor at Spotify, Austin Darbo, who stated that the introduction of the category “will make it easier for fans to find their favorite grime playlists.” Created around the turn of the century, the unmistakably UK sound has gained a massive amount of notoriety as of late with the help of artists such as Stormzy, JME and Skepta - all of whom have introduced the genre to wider, more global audiences. So far, three new grime playlists have been uploaded to Spotify: Grime Shutdown, Grime Classics and Grime Instrumentals. The playlists include essential tracks from the likes of D Double E, Big Shaq, Frisco, Wiley, Tempa T, Roll Deep, Skepta and many more. [MORE]
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Midland Is Playing At Phonox Four Times In February
Phonox has announced Midland will take charge of a Friday residency in February. He will play four consecutive Fridays, spinning all night long sets on February 2 and February 23, while Ruf Dug and Dan Beaumont join him in support on February 9 and February 16 respectively. Speaking about the nights, Midland said: “Phonox has become one of my favourite rooms to play in London, it’s a great sounding, unpretentious space and I can’t wait to spend four nights in there.” Winner of our top compilations of 2017 list for his ‘FABRICLIVE 94’ mix, Midland is a DJ at the top of his game right now. We’re expecting these parties to be special. [MORE]
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Tuesday 2 January 2018
With Autonomous Vehicles It’s Not About The Journey, It’s About The destination
Elon Musk recently started a flame war on Twitter with the urban planning and mass transit community by stating “public transportation sucks”: the underlying assumption that, in the future, individual transit would be the only transportation solution with a good user experience (UX). The mistake here is focusing on the UX of the person in the car. Unless the goal is to spend more time in the car, we should focus on the UX of being in cities and communities and let the UX of individualized transport follow. [MORE]
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Amazon Did A Lot Of Funky Stuff This Year And It’s Paying off
Holy hell, it’s been a year for Amazon. Jeff Bezos’ former-online-bookstore dumped $13.7 billion to buy a bunch of grocery stores, that speaker you talk to in your living room that Amazon makes is really popular and a bunch of server farms Amazon runs generate more than $10 billion in revenue annually. The confluence of all these things has led to an incredible rise in its stock on the year — one that might be even more impressive than Apple’s slow march toward hitting a $1 trillion market cap (assuming the iPhone X story plays out the way they hope). Amazon is nowhere near as big as Google or Apple, but at the same time, its core business is an online retail operation that operates with razor-thin margins. For the most part, Bezos has gotten the benefit of the doubt from Wall Street, and its strategy of gleefully investing in new operations appears to be playing out as hoped. [MORE]
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Go Update Your IPhone Battery For A Discounted $29 If You Have An IPhone 6 Or Later
If you have an iPhone 6 model or later, you should probably go replace the battery for a discounted rate at your local Apple Store. Apple is now offering battery swaps for $29 (down from $79) a few weeks earlier than it originally promised. The decision to offer such low-priced battery swaps comes days after the company issued an apology for secretly slowing down older iPhones with software updates to prevent them from taxing the battery to the point where the phone might shut down unexpectedly. [MORE]
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The Top 2018 Fashion Trends, According To Pinterest
We've given you the lowdown on which trends to buy and which to ditch for 2018, but Pinterest is weighing in on their own predictions for the coming year. The new year is the perfect time to give your closet a fresh start. While only time will tell what stays and what goes, our online searches are pretty indicative of what we can expect to buy over the next few months. The latest Pinterest 100 , the site's annual trend report, pulled together their top 10 2018 fashion predictions based on users' saved searches. For the most part, the list reveals trends from the latter end of 2017 bleeding into this year with renewed vigor. That said, we're excited some of our favorites are building some staying power (sheer socks for the win!). To see an overview of the top 10, read ahead. You can head over to Pinterest to scroll through the full list of 100 trends, which includes everything from beauty, to food, to style, and of course, home decor. [MORE]
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Paris Hilton & Chris Zylka Are Engaged!
It's set to be a big year for the Hilton family, as everyone's favorite heiress has officially announced her engagement - just days after little sis Nicky welcomed her second child into the world. While on holiday amid her fellow celebutantes in Aspen, Paris said "Yas!" to actor beau Chris Zylka, who appears in the HBO series The Leftovers. The 32-year-old popped the question on the slopes, boasting a 20-carat pear-shaped diamond that sparkled in a sea of snow. Following their year-long love fest on Instagram, the couple's announcement is hardly a surprise - we mean, just three days ago Paris posted the above smooching snap with the caption "One day, someone will walk into your life & make you see why it never worked out with anyone else..." [MORE]
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Every A-Lister Who Partied In Aspen This Week
While you spent the week between Christmas and New Year's aimlessly wandering around your parents' house in PJs and awkwardly running into your high school ex at the local watering hole, the rich, famous, and gorgeous were busy living it up on the slopes in Aspen. Big surprise there. From après-ski Diplo sets to supermodel hot tub hangs, click through for a peek at all the snowy action. [MORE]
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Tiffany Trump Rings In The New Year With Playboy
Oh Tiffany... After what we can only imagine was a super fun holiday break of quality family time down at Mar-A-Lago, the Jan Brady of the Trumps - the Rob Kardashian of the Kardashians, if you will - jetted off from sunny, tacky Florida to ring in the new year in LA... as a guest of honor at the Playboy NYE party. Hosted by Cooper Hefner at the Culver Hotel, the party featured silver bunny suit clad girls, and apart from that, not much else risqué. Like, not going to lie, this shindig looked like a relative snooze. Definitely cooler than her dad's NYE party, but still. All the same, Double T came dressed quite on brand, wearing a silver sequin dress that gave quite the bookshelf cleavage effect. In case you (and she) forgot, after all, she is in law school. So girl knows a few things about stacks. Posing alongside Cooper Hefner's fiancee Scarlett Byrne - an actual member of the Playboy family wearing two times the clothing as her - we all know Ivanka's somewhere shaking her head right now. Click through for more snaps of Tiff and company partying it up. [MORE]
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8 Dance Music Genres You Didn’t Know Existed
Music. It's pretty hard to quantify ain't it? But for some reason, humans just fucking love organisation. They love naming shit and grouping bits with other things they've named which are similar. And then, when something evolves from the thing they've named, they give it a new updated little name to create a new niche. Sometimes they'll just put a bunch of already established names together to create one new name. I mean, let's be honest, you've definitely slowly rolled out the phrase "post-psychadelic-trip-hoppy-house?" when someone's asked you what your favourite DJ sounds like. Humans just love to know things. So we label them. Anyway, you're about to know a whole load more pointless and insanely niche genres. So, you’re welcome in advance. [MORE]
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Monday 1 January 2018
A Cyclist Is Using A Google Assistant-controlled Electric Bike Wheel To Ride Cross Country
There are bad ways to get to CES, and then there’s this — a 10-day, cross-country bike ride. It’s a week and change of 17-hour days spent peddling through zero-degree temperatures across the Midwest. Hell, it’s early January — even Las Vegas is near freezing this time of year. This is one way to put your new electric bicycle wheel through its paces ahead of launch. But more importantly, it’s a pretty solid publicity stunt, funded by Google — a company that likes making a grand entrance. It’s all part of what’s shaping up to be a pretty big push for Google Assistant at the year’s biggest consumer electronics show. [MORE]
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Shut The Front Door: 2018 Launch
House & Disco lovers unite! New year, new home, new parties. It’s 2018 and boy have we got a treat in store for you! Shut The Front Door embarks on the next chapter in it's whirlwind journey from a student house party to a highly regarded & established club brand within the electronic music scene. With a vision to provide a night driven by experience & soundtracked by house and disco pioneers of new & old, this collective has managed to bring their legendary house party atmosphere inside of a club setting. This is going to be an unbelievable celebration with music royalty soundtracking our discotheque showered in glitter balls from start to finish with surprises & production in line with this stellar setting. [MORE]
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Beatport Updates Platform By Adding Three New Genre Categories
The ​iPhone X Screen Repair Cost Will Set You Back
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian West Got Caught Shoplifting This Beauty Item
Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Products Drop Tonight
China’s Didi Invests In Taxify, An Uber Rival Operating In Europe And Africa
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Kylie Jenner Has Teamed Up With Balmain & Beats By Dre
Donald Trump
Trump Takes On The NFL & The NBA In His Latest Political Battle
Nintendo Switch
This Nintendo Switch Dock Packs A Built-in Projector For Big Screen anywhere
Nielsen’s TV Ratings Now Include Hulu And YouTube TV
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Ed Banger, Berlin
Beyoncé Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles At Empire Polo Club, Indio United States
Scooter At Velodrom, Berlin Germany
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Ed Sheeran At Mt Smart, Auckland New Zealand
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Depeche Mode At Foro Sol, Ciudad de México Mexico
Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys At Planet Hollywood Resort And Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Bruno Mars At Estadio Universitario, Monterrey Mexico
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