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Wednesday 1 May 2019
Gitano's Lush Outdoor "Garden Of Love" Opens This Week
A certain square block area of Soho, just above Tribeca, has slowly been turning into Tulum. Last summer, Gitano made its NYC debut with a sprawling outdoor oasis in a lot-turned-rain forest between Grand and Canal. Despite a rough start (which included being briefly closed by the health department), the watering hole was nevertheless one of the hottest places to see-and-be-seen all season. Then, in January, Grupo Gitano unveiled yet another offshoot just across the street at The James Hotel: Gitano Jungle Room, a bi-level restaurant and lounge boasting all the tropical vibes in a year-round location. While it was then unclear whether that meant the group was abandoning its seasonal spot, the palms seemed to stick around the original space all through winter. [MORE]
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Monday 29 April 2019
Rockefeller Center Skyscraper Will Offer Overnight Rentals Via Airbnb
Ever wanted to stay overnight in Rockefeller Center? Now’s your chance: Airbnb and developer RXR Realty, which manages 75 Rockefeller Plaza, have teamed up to turn 10 stories of that 33-story building—currently home to the American Girl store, among other businesses—into Airbnb-operated rentals. The partnership will function less in the way that Airbnb typically operates, with one person renting out a room or entire home, and more like a hotel. (It will, however, need approval from the city before it can proceed.) [MORE]
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Game On: From Game Boy Cartridge To Hand-held Synth, The Nanoloop Is Here
For a whole generation of computer game addicts, Nintendo’s Game Boy presses the brain’s nostalgia button like no other device. Its eight-bit chiptune sound has been burned into their brains and has resulted in a thriving scene of hackers who modify Game Boys into music-making devices. Nanoloop began life as a music-making cartridge for the Game Boy in the late 90s and has recently evolved into a fully-fledged, hand-held music-making device.The Nanoloop 3 went four times over its original funding target on Kickstarter and is now in production. It was designed by Hamburg musician Oliver Wittchow, who programmed the original Nanoloop music sequencing software for Game Boys with a friend while studying for an art degree in the late '90s. [MORE]
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The Black Madonna And Nastia React Against Vakula's Misogynistic EP Artwork
Ukranian DJ-producer Vakula has faced heavy criticism for the artwork of his 'Per Aspera Ad Astra' EP, which depicts four former Mixmag cover stars - The Black Madonna, Nastia, Peggy Gou and Nina Kraviz - operating a phallic spaceship. The EP was released on the Croatian label Barba Records under the producer's Mikhaylo Vityk's Rocco Siffredi alias, named after a controversial porn star who is known for brutal depictions of rough sex in his work and once famously said "what you call violence, I call pain with pleasure". The release's illustration shows the four DJs with wires attached to their heads while riding the phallic spaceship. When sharing the artwork, Vakula wrote on Instagram: "I dedicated this project to my beloved women, where we tried to portray the most beautiful dick that those girls on the cover could ever meet." Vakula made his Instagram private following the post. [MORE]
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Save Venice 2019: Inside Society's Most Glamorous Masquerade Ball
On Friday night, Manhattan royalty (and actual royalty) decked themselves out in flowers, feathers, and lace - and no, it had nothing to do with Coachella. Save Venice's annual Ballo in Maschera went down at The Plaza Hotel, and everyone who's anyone donned their most glamorous masquerade looks for the occasion. Sponsored by Moda Operandi, Oscar de la Renta, and Bulgari, the event was certainly a stylish one, and we're not just talking about the looks donned by Lauren Santo Domingo, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, and Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece. The Plaza's ballroom was transformed into a Venetian playground by events firm Van Wyck & Van Wyck, featuring garlands of red roses and a glittering Venus de Milo. Combine that with all the over-the-top masks and headpieces, and you've definitely got a night to remember. [MORE]
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Thursday 25 April 2019
The Most Selfie-Worthy Bathrooms In NYC
After an onslaught of Instagram "museums" and pop-ups, we've come to realize that even the most content-worthy artifice is no match for the good ol' bathroom selfie. It certainly doesn't hurt that so many hot spots have caught on. From bars to brunch spots, click through for a few reasons to excuse yourself. Sure, your friends will see why you took so long in the restroom after you post to your grid, but come on, #worthit. [MORE]
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What $5,000 Rents In NYC
Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a weekly column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various NYC neighborhoods. Is one man’s studio another man’s townhouse? Let’s find out! Today, we’re looking at apartments renting around $5,000/month. [MORE]
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Wednesday 24 April 2019
Pinterest Employee #1 Launches Blockchain Art Market MakersPlace
Pinterest is a great place to find digital art but a terrible place to sell it. The fact that anything online is infinitely copyable makes it tough for artists to establish a sense of scarcity necessary for their work to be perceived as valuable. Yash Nelapati saw this struggle up close as Pinterest’s first employee. Now he has started MakersPlace, where creators can generate a blockchain fingerprint for each of their artworks that proves who made it and lets it be sold as part of a limited edition. Similar to Etsy, MakersPlace allows artists to sell their creations while the startup takes a 15 percent cut. Collectors receive a non-fungible cryptocurrency token connoting ownership of a limited-edition digital print of the artwork that they can store in their own crypto wallet or in one on MakersPlace. The MakersPlace site officially launches today after a year of beta testing. [MORE]
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Mark Zuckerberg Has A Podcast
In the future, everyone will have a podcast — and by “future,” I mean like mid-2020. But one step at a time, starting with Facebook founder, CEO and definite human person, Mark Zuckerberg . Facebook announced the podcast’s Spotify link on Twitter. How’s that for platform synergy? The rather dryly named “Tech and Society with Mark Zuckerberg” will feature, well, conversations on tech and society with Mark Zuckerberg. Honestly, folks, it’s right there in the name. “Hey everyone,” Zuck says, opening the second of two posted episodes. “This year I am doing a series of public discussions on the future of internet and society,” referring to what looks to be a finite lineup of episodes. The executive explains in the first episode that the show constitutes this year’s “personal challenge,” an annual homework assignment that has resulted in things like Zuckerberg learning Mandarin and writing a home AI. [MORE]
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‘Pay-to-play’ Is Not OK: Stop The Dodgy Promoter Tactic Exploiting Young DJs
We’ve all heard people talking about DJs who ‘sell tickets’. Book Carl Cox and you’ll sell out your club, weeks in advance. Right now, Peggy Gou is a sure-fire money-maker for any promoter that can tempt her to their city. But a lesser-known DJ means the promoter has to work harder. You know, promoting. But in the last few years a new twist on the formula has taken hold: DJs having to sell a shed-load of tickets themselves to earn the privilege of getting a set low down the bill at festivals and clubs. ‘Pay-to-play’ is how many festivals and club nights are building the bottom end of their line-ups. It’s a case of getting budding DJs to play, but only if they buy a ticket to the festival themselves and sell maybe 10 to their friends. And some of the stories will make you wince. For example, the guy who agreed to sell tickets and buy his own for a festival in Scotland but couldn’t shift (quite) all the tickets he had to. [MORE]
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Tuesday 23 April 2019
A Guide To The Major Megaprojects Transforming New York City
New development is occurring at a breakneck pace throughout New York City, and while much of it is happening on the individual level, a not-inconsequential portion of it is also lumped into megaprojects rising all over the five boroughs. Entire stretches of land are giving rise to new and recreated neighborhoods, as seen with Hudson Yards and Hunters Point South, while other swaths are being appropriated and totally reimagined. These megaprojects will not only bring many thousands of apartments—priced at and below market rate—to the city, but they’ll also bring along new cultural attractions, retail, and all the hype that has wooed people to New York City from time immemorial. Map points are arranged geographically, beginning in lower Manhattan, continuing north through the Bronx, and then to Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. [MORE]
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Inside Gigi Hadid's Denim-Themed 24th Birthday Party In NYC
Last night, Gigi Hadid and her crew of It Girls combined Americana cool with Parisian elegance in honor of the model's big 2-4. The theme of the evening? Denim. The locale? L'Avenue at Saks, the NYC outpost of the French hot spot. Certainly a stylish choice for such a stylish birthday girl. Rocking a simple white baby tee, along with blue jeans embroidered with the number "24," Gigi danced the night away to throwback hits, blew out the sparklers on a giant "24" cake dotted with macarons, and took a few turns with her friends in one of those famous flawless-skin photo booths. She was joined, of course, by her family, including mom Yolanda, dad Mohamed, brother Anwar, and sisters Bella and Alana, along with a few A-list besties like Ashley Graham, Olivia Culpo, Hailee Steinfeld, and Helena Christensen. Everyone enthusiastically stuck to the James Dean-approved theme - except for Taylor Swift, who arrived in an oversized houndstooth blazer and floral frock. OK, Tay. [MORE]
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Monday 22 April 2019
Inside Brooklyn Designer Michael Yarinsky’s Carefully Crafted Two-bedroom Apartment
Public buildings and spaces often get the glory when it comes to design accolades. Finnish architect Alvar Aalto put it this way: “I tell you, it is easier to build a grand opera or a city center than to build a personal house.” But homes are the stages on which life happens, and designer Michael Yarinsky believes in treating them with care, attention, and affection. For Yarinsky’s own home, in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, he focuses on natural light and the textures and colors of a wide palette of materials, creating a space that evolves as continuously as his practice. [MORE]
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NYC Passes Its Own ‘Green New Deal’ In Landmark Vote
The New York City Council passed a pioneering package of bills Thursday that seeks to drastically slash carbon emissions from thousands of buildings across the boroughs—marking a watershed moment in the city’s fight against climate change. The bundle of six bills, known as the Climate Mobilization Act, is geared toward reducing the city’s planet-warming emissions by setting caps for a variety of building types, with the goal of achieving a 40 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Landlords who don’t adapt their buildings will face hefty fines. [MORE]
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Sugarfina's New Cold Brew Gummy Bears Have Your Caffeine Fix
You know that 3 pm slump you face just about every day, when you're not quite sure whether you need another cup of coffee or a snack to raise your blood sugar? Well, prepare to satisfy all your cravings with just one tasty treat. The genius confectioners over at Sugarfina, who just so happen to be responsible for viral gummies infused with everything from champagne to tequila, have set their sights on our other favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage: cold brew coffee. Teaming up with trendy California-based coffee company Alfred Coffee, Sugarfina has created the world's first caffeinated gummy bears. I imagine this is what long-distance runners wish those weird little gel things they eat during marathons tasted like. [MORE]
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