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Tuesday 9 March 2021
BuzzFeed Announces Deep Cuts To HuffPost Staff After Acquisition
BuzzFeed announced layoffs for the HuffPost newsroom on Tuesday, three weeks after acquiring HuffPost from Verizon Media in February. Hillary Frey, the site’s executive editor, and Louise Roug, the executive editor for international, will be departing in a restructuring effort aimed at stemming financial losses. HuffPost Canada will also shutter operations later this month. [MORE]
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Friday 5 March 2021
RIP, Says Elon Musk As SpaceX Starship Blows Up
For a few minutes it looked like a perfect landing, as a prototype of Elon Musk’s fabled Starship returned to Earth and dropped gently on to a launch pad in Texas. Spectators hailed a breakthrough in the race to build a reusable rocket. Then it exploded. “Oh! Oh God, it just blew up!” shouted a commentator named Tim Dodd, breaking off from an encomium about the landing and all that it signified for the future of human space travel. “That’s history, my friends,” he had been saying. “Mars just got a little bit closer today!” [MORE]
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Monday 22 February 2021
Daft Punk Have Split Up!
Daft Punk have split up. The French duo made the announcement by posting an eight-minute video clip titled Epilogue to their Facebook page. The clip is taken from their 2008 film Electroma and features an iconic moment out in the desert before displaying a brand new graphic that proclaims '1993-2021'. It's a typically ambiguous way for the robots to sign out after nearly three decades. However, the band's publicist Kathryn Frazier has confirmed that this is indeed the end. [MORE]
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Sunday 21 February 2021
10 Little New York Moments We Miss Post-Pandemic
As we approach a full year of the world getting turned upside down, it's only natural to feel nostalgic for the New York life we once knew. Which, despite being filled with swanky bars and restaurants, fun events, and a busy-bee sense of hustle, was actually made truly magical by all those little moments and fleeting experiences so signature to the fabric of the city. [MORE]
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A Banksy Artwork Has Been Removed And People Aren't Happy
A Banksy artwork in Nottingham has been removed and people aren't happy. Banksy's painting of a girl hula-hooping with a bike tyre was on the side of a residential building since October, but has now been bought by Essex gallery owner John Brandler, who says he's paid a "six-figure sum" for it. [MORE]
About the person Banksy:
Art: Graffiti
Genres: Abstract, Character, Ephemeral, Ink, Lettering, Minimal, Mural, Post-Graffiti, Public Style, Spray
Tuesday 16 February 2021
Brooke Baldwin Announces She's Leaving CNN
Brooke Baldwin, one of CNN's veteran anchors who became "incredibly sick" last year with COVID-19, opened her afternoon show on Tuesday by announcing she's leaving the network in April. Baldwin, 41, has been at CNN since 2008 – first in Atlanta and since 2014 in New York – as host of "CNN Newsroom," airing from 3 to 4 p.m. EST. She made the announcement just after coming on air, suggesting she plans to take a break from the news. She also posted on her Instagram. She said she will focus on her book, "Huddle," due April 6, which is about women "unlocking their collective power." "Before we get going, let me start with some personal news: I will be leaving CNN in April," she said. She paused and gulped. [MORE]
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Friday 12 February 2021
Kim, Kendall And Kylie In Raunchiest SKIMS Campaign Yet For Valentine's Day
They're prepping for the hottest Valentine's Day ever. And Kim Kardashian set pulses racing as she joined her little sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, for a red hot SKIMS shoot shared to Instagram on Friday morning. The 40-year-old reality star flaunted her impressive frame in racy lingerie while posing with the girls in a raunchy campaign for new designs from her brand. [MORE]
About the person Kendall Jenner:
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New York Will Allow Large Venues To ‘safely Re-open’ From February 23
New York governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the state will allow large venues to reopen from February 23 at reduced capacity with safety measures in place. A testing pilot with the football team Buffalo Bills last month, which allowed 6,700 fans into 70,000 seater stadium, was declared an “unparalleled success” by Cuomo. Attendees were required to produce a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before kickoff and were allowed to sit in spaced out groups of two and four, with contract tracing afterwards. Now this same testing program is set to be extended to all large stadiums and arenas in under two weeks time. This accounts for any stadium or arena with a capacity of more than 10,000 people, and they will be allowed to open at 10% capacity to host events such music shows, performances and sports. [MORE]
About the venue Madison Square Garden, New York (NY), US:
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Thursday 11 February 2021
Bumble’s 31-Year-Old CEO Becomes A Rare Female Billionaire
A company catering to women and led by women has made its 31-year-old female founder a billionaire. Shares of Bumble Inc., the owner of the dating app where women make the first move, soared 67% in its trading debut to $72 at 1:03 p.m. in New York, valuing Chief Executive Officer Whitney Wolfe Herd’s stake at $1.5 billion. The listing caps a saga that’s both inspiration and cautionary tale for women tech founders. Wolfe Herd capitalized on an underserved market and built a multibillion-dollar company that was in a sense born from one of the most vexing obstacles to women entrepreneurs: sexual harassment. [MORE]
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Tuesday 9 February 2021
The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show
The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show. [MORE]
About the person The Weeknd:
Art: Music
Genres: Electronic, R&B, Dubstep, Progressive, PBR&B, R-Neg-B, Alternative R&B, Contemporary R&b, Swing, Urban
Friday 5 February 2021
What Are You Planning...?
Check out Slickr's new homepage! We are building great stuff for you to join a global community of friends. Sign up, put your Events on the map and share them with your friends. [MORE]
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HBO Made Dominique Druckman A Fake Influencer. What Happens Now That Her Followers Know?
At first glance, Dominique Druckman looks like your classic Los Angeles influencer. One look at her Instagram, where she currently stands at over 340K followers, and it’s all cool workout selfies, sunkissed bikini pics, and flowy covetable outfits in the desert. One of her photos even shows her laying in a pool of roses. “Actress. model. avocado hater. #blacklivesmatter,” reads her bio. It might come as a surprise, however, that the “pool” is actually an inflatable kiddie pool blown up in the back of a scruffy backyard. That picture of her eating decadent truffles and champagne at the Four Seasons? Also duped, courtesy of cocoa-dusted pads of butter, sparkling apple juice, and some regular person’s pool. That’s because there’s an important descriptor missing from her Instagram bio: fake famous. [MORE]
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Saturday 16 January 2021
Kim Kardashian West Sells A $200 Million Stake Of Her Beauty Brand To Coty Inc.
Coty Inc. has officially closed its deal with Kim Kardashian West. The global beauty conglomerate now owns 20% of KKW Beauty and Kardashian West is $200 million richer. In a statement following the announcement Kardashian said, "I’m so proud of how the KKW brand has grown over the past four years, and I look forward to working with Coty for the next phase of innovation, advancement, and the ability to bring new launches to customers all around the world. This relationship will allow me to lead the development of the creative elements that I specialize in, while benefiting from the incredible resources of an established company like Coty." Under this new partnership, Kardashian West will focus on the creative efforts of her brand, while Coty will work on expanding into new categories, developing skincare, haircare, personal care and nail products. [MORE]
About the person Kim Kardashian:
Art: Television, Acting, Modelling
Genres: Celebrity TV, Reality TV, Socialite, TV Personality, TV Programming, Series, Television, Curvy, Instagram, Commercial
Thursday 12 November 2020
What's Next For Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump?
Ah, the irony of Ivanka Trump telling millions of unemployed Americans to Find Something New, only to have to do the same. Now that the First Daughter and Senior Advisor to the president, along with her cursed marionette doll of a husband, will have to find something else to do outside of the White House, we can't help but wonder what's on their agenda. Will their affluent New York social circle take them back? Will Jared finally become a real boy? Click through for the possibilities. [MORE]
About the person Ivanka Trump:
Art: Corporation, Television, Fashion, Modelling
Genres: Celebrity TV, Reality TV, Socialite, Creative Director, Designer, Commercial, Fit, Fashion, Instagram, Podium
Friday 6 November 2020
Kylie Jenner First Kardashian Family To Surpass 200M Follower On Instagram
Kylie Jenner on Thursday surpassed 200 million Instagram followers, becoming the first member of the famed family to achieve the social media feat. The 23-year-old reality TV star, as of Thursday, had the massive total, hitting rarefied air on the social media site. Other accounts with similarly large followings included the site itself, with 375 million total followers and soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, with 241 million followers. [MORE]
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