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YESTERDAY - Saturday 16 January 2021
Kim Kardashian West Sells A $200 Million Stake Of Her Beauty Brand To Coty Inc.
Coty Inc. has officially closed its deal with Kim Kardashian West. The global beauty conglomerate now owns 20% of KKW Beauty and Kardashian West is $200 million richer. In a statement following the announcement Kardashian said, "I’m so proud of how the KKW brand has grown over the past four years, and I look forward to working with Coty for the next phase of innovation, advancement, and the ability to bring new launches to customers all around the world. This relationship will allow me to lead the development of the creative elements that I specialize in, while benefiting from the incredible resources of an established company like Coty." Under this new partnership, Kardashian West will focus on the creative efforts of her brand, while Coty will work on expanding into new categories, developing skincare, haircare, personal care and nail products. [MORE]
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Thursday 12 November 2020
What's Next For Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump?
Ah, the irony of Ivanka Trump telling millions of unemployed Americans to Find Something New, only to have to do the same. Now that the First Daughter and Senior Advisor to the president, along with her cursed marionette doll of a husband, will have to find something else to do outside of the White House, we can't help but wonder what's on their agenda. Will their affluent New York social circle take them back? Will Jared finally become a real boy? Click through for the possibilities. [MORE]
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Friday 6 November 2020
Kylie Jenner First Kardashian Family To Surpass 200M Follower On Instagram
Kylie Jenner on Thursday surpassed 200 million Instagram followers, becoming the first member of the famed family to achieve the social media feat. The 23-year-old reality TV star, as of Thursday, had the massive total, hitting rarefied air on the social media site. Other accounts with similarly large followings included the site itself, with 375 million total followers and soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, with 241 million followers. [MORE]
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Monday 2 November 2020
The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes For Some Last-Minute Inspiration
Considering the fact that this year has been terrifying enough, we totally wouldn't blame you if dressing up for Halloween has been the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, the night of mischief and masks (of all kinds) is set to rage on, even if things are less wild than years past. Having a virtual bash or quaranteam get-together? Click through for the best celebrity costumes perfect for some last-minute inspo. After all, you've still gotta get the 'gram. [MORE]
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Tuesday 14 July 2020
Put Your Lifestyle On A Map!
Put your life events, habits and lifestyle on map for your family and friends to reach you better wherever you may be. SLICKR help you map your parties, gatherings and also report outstanding events you may witness. This mapping application uses Google Map tools to locate and draw itineraries and other spots or venues, link them to a specific events and share it with your friends. Give it a try! [MORE]
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Friday 27 September 2019
Where To Find Affordable Housing In NYC
Affordable apartments aren't easy to come by in New York City, but one vital source of affordable housing is NYC Housing Connect—the city's one-stop-shop for available, affordable units. The lottery website is updated regularly with new listings. Some apartments are found in entirely below-market-rate buildings, while others are located in luxury developments. Here, we've compiled all of the lotteries that are currently open to New Yorkers. But, of course, there are caveats. Applicants must make a certain percentage of the area median income (AMI), and as demand for affordable housing continues to climb so too has the number of applicants. Visit our guide to help you navigate the application process. [MORE]
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Nike Unveil The Basement Air Max 90 City Pack
The history of the Air Max 90 follows a now familiar trajectory from performance product to streetwear staple. Since its release as the Air Max 3 in 1990, the shoe has became a cult classic following its reintroduction (and subsequent renaming) in the early 2000s. The Air Max 90 has taken many iterations along the way, including coveted collaborations. Part of the heritage is owed to an embrace in Europe, where the Air Max 90 has become synonymous with the creative community across the continent and within Great Britain. The new Nike BSMNT Air Max 90 City Pack is all about channeling that historic energy. [MORE]
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10 Things You MUST Eat & Gram In NYC This Fall
Now that the bikinis are away, it's seriously time to play. Celebrate sweater weather by eating your way through the city this season, and indulge in everything from autumnal desserts to comfort food classics. And don't forget to snap a pic - these #eeeeeats are sure to be a hit on Instagram. [MORE]
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Inside DJ Tiësto's Beyond-Magical Wedding In The Utah Desert
For a guy who can usually be found jumping behind laser lights on stages in Miami, Vegas, and Ibiza, Tijs "Tiësto" Verwest's wedding this weekend was a seriously elegant, and decidedly minimalist, affair. But that's not to say it wasn't also majorly magical. The DJ, producer, and EDM king wed his longtime love, model (of course) Annika Backes, (whom he met at Catch of all places) on Saturday, far away from all the nightlife action of any superclub or music festival. Like, middle-of-the-Utah-desert far. The couple said "I do" at the remote, but très luxurious, Amangiri resort in Canyon Point, Utah, surrounded by a landscape of stunning rock formations and mountains. The scene was reflected tenfold in futuristic mirrored arches and complemented by a wild array of organic, overgrown florals in muted earth tones. After the ceremony, dinner was served on two dramatic banquet tables, surrounded by thousands of flickering candles. [MORE]
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Monday 9 September 2019
Google Nest Hub Max Review
There were two standout features I really appreciated off the bat about the original Nest (nee Google Home) Hub: its compact size and its lack of camera. The new Nest Max has decidedly neither of those things. After releasing a model that offered an interesting alternative to the Echo Show, Google’s taking Amazon’s flagship smart screen head-on with the Max. It’s a device that leverages the learnings of the earlier, smaller model, while applying new case users. [MORE]
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Check Out Skream's New Single, 'Song For Olivia'
Skream has unveiled a new single ‘Song For Olivia’, which is out now via Ministry of Sound/Of Unsound Mind. The track sees the dubstep pioneer touch on everything from chugging disco to trance. Skream will also embark on his largest 'Open To Close' tour yet, which will see him travel to Poland, the USA (with stints in Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle), the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK. He will round out the tour with two New Years Day performances in Glasgow, one at the Sub Club and the other at the Barras Art & Design Centre. [MORE]
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Saturday 7 September 2019
Original Content Podcast: Amazon’s ‘Carnival Row’ Mixes Fairies, Politics And Murder
“Carnival Row” offers an unlikely mix of genres, laying out a murder mystery in a world of fairies and other mythical creatures, while also delivering a healthy dose of allegorical politics. And as we explain in the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, the show (recently released on Amazon Prime Video) does take some getting used to. There’s a certain clumsiness in the way the opening episode insists on its grittiness and adult themes — and most viewers will probably need some time before they stop gawking at the fairy sex and focus instead on the story and characters. [MORE]
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Friday 6 September 2019
Saks & Vanity Fair Celebrate New York's Best Dressed
Last night's Saks x Vanity Fair Best-Dressed List Event was all about one thing - the step-and-repeat. From the moment the doors to the hot spot L'Avenue at Saks opened, a stylish slew of guests patiently waited for their time in the flash. Priyanka Chopra, Tory Burch, Zac Posen, Suki Waterhouse, Hilary Rhoda, all decked in their sartorial finest. Dramatic looks filled the room, making for beyond entertaining people watching as those in larger format ensembles (puffy sleeves, full frilly skirts) carefully shuffled through the packed soiree. With a room full of so many notable names, 'twas an equal playing field, with even Nicky Hilton gracefully waiting her turn to grab a drink at the bar. Of course, at a bash toasting some of the best dressed names in fashion, music, Hollywood, sports, and beyond, the A-list guests did not disappoint. [MORE]
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The World's Largest Starbucks Is Opening This Fall
The Windy City may soon be renamed the Jittery City, once the largest Starbucks in the world makes its debut. Plans for the massive roastery on Chicago's Magnificent Mile were first announced back in 2017, when then-CEO Howard Schultz described it as, "Not a coffee store. The essence of it is the theater and romance and something so experiential." The four-story, 43,000-square-foot space will be the sixth Starbucks Reserve Roastery, the brand's high-end concept for coffee snobs which also has outposts in Milan, New York, Seattle, Shanghai, and Tokyo. The self-proclaimed "shrines to coffee passion" feature on-site roasting of rare beans, small-batch coffee, and a decidedly elevated environment. [MORE]
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Björk Is Re-releasing Her 'Vulnicura' LP As A VR Experience
Björk has announced that she will be re-releasing her 2015 album 'Vulnicura' as a VR experience. The visual remake of her celebrated eighth album has been touring museums around the world as part of the Björk Digital exhibition. Using a 360º camera, the Icelandic superstar started the project in 2014 and has since created seven VR videos with six different companies, four types of software and six different directors - including her longtime visual collaborators Andrew Thomas Huang and Jesse Kanda. Each song on the album is also accompanied by a new 360º animated score by software designer and composer Stephen Malinowski. "The whole process has been an improvisation, trying to keep faith in formats," says Björk in her announcement. "It is too easy for musicians to turn pessimistic after CDs have evaporated but I wanted to try to have the courage to grow along with how 360 sound and vision tech was growing. With every challenge try to turn it into an additional gift for the ideology in the music." [MORE]
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Ivanka Trump What's Next For Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump?
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