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TODAY - Tuesday 20 August 2019
What Does The Future Hold For NYC’s Vision Zero Plan?
On Tuesday, July 9, more than 1,000 cyclists laid on the ground of Washington Square Park during a “die-in” to protest the dangerous conditions of riding a bicycle on New York City streets. Among the prone protestors, a smattering stood with signs reading names of the 15 cyclists killed in the first seven months of the year. The crowd was mostly quiet, except for a trumpet player and chant of each name. In the weeks since the die-in, there have been more, albeit smaller, vigils. One for Alex Cordero, a 17-year-old bicyclist struck and killed by a tow truck on Staten Island. Just a few hours after that crash, a box truck hit and killed a 58-year-old on his bike in Brooklyn. (His name has not been released.) [MORE]
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Tiffany Trump Gets A Portrait Made Completely Out Of Swarovski Crystals
It seems Tiffany Trump shares her father's understated taste in home decor. This weekend, the First Daughter received a massive portrait of herself worthy of a modern Marie Antoinette. It depicts her smiling mid-hair flip, wearing a leather motorcycle jacket for some reason, and it's made entirely out of Swarovski crystals. The piece was created by Colombian artist Mauricio Benitez, better known as Mr. Bling, who is famous for his crystal-studded renditions of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Cristiano Ronaldo, and DJ Khaled which have been valued at up to $50 million. It's unclear whether Tiffany commissioned the portrait or was simply Mr. Bling's latest muse, but the artist was certainly excited to pose alongside her for a few 'grams, welcoming her into "the shiny world." [MORE]
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Mad Professor's Dub Version Of Massive Attack's 'Mezzanine' Is Coming On Vinyl
21 years since its original release, Massive Attack will be releasing a previously unheard dub version of their album 'Mezzanine' from British dub icon Mad Professor. Last year - in true Massive Attack style - the band celebrated the 20th anniversary of 'Mezzanine' by encoding the album into DNA molecules. One year on and we are being treated with a (slightly less dystopian) vinyl release of Mad Professor’s 1998 dub remixes. The long-awaited album is due to be released on September 20 through Virgin EMI. Mad Professor made these dub remixes during the year of Mezzanine’s release in 1998, but only a few saw the light of day. The full dub version will consist of all eight original remixes, including seminal tunes like ‘Angel’ and ‘Teardrop’. [MORE]
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Four Tet To Release Brand New Three-track EP
Four Tet is releasing a new three-track EP this Friday (August 23). The ‘Anna Painting’ EP contains three tracks that he wrote for his collaborative show with painter Anna Liber Lewis in January. Taking place at London art gallery Elephant West, the show Muscle Memory used Kieran’s original music to create an aural supplement for the artist’s work. This will be the first time people are able to hear the tracks in full outside of the show. This release follows his last two singles on the label, 'Teenage Birdsong' and 'Dreamer', with his most recent full-length output ‘New Energy’ being released back in September 2017. [MORE]
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YESTERDAY - Monday 19 August 2019
8 Events You Can't Miss This Week In NYC
The end of summer is near and it is time to make the most out of the last few magical weeks in the city. From rubbing elbows with tennis elite at U.S Open Fan Week to getting down to Lizzo's flute performance on the TODAY show, click through for our top events this week in NYC! Surf Party Bingo: Spice up your Sunday night and soak up the last days of summer with Surf Party Bingo at the Standard Hotel. There will be punch bowls, prizes and obviously bingo! [MORE]
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Die Antwoord Dropped From Festivals Following Alleged Homophobic Hate Crime
A video of Die Antwoord and members of their entourage attacking Hercules & Love Affair co-founder Andy Butler at Future Music Festival in Adelaide, Austraila, in 2012 has surfaced online. The video was captured by the South African rap group’s former videographer Ben Crossman. It shows Die Antwoord member Ninja approaching Butler and spitting in his face, prompting Butler to throw a drink in retaliation. The situation then escalates into a violent altercation, in which Ninja and fellow Die Antwoord member Yolandi chase Butler after a scuffle. Yolandi can be heard shouting homophobic slurs as Butler runs away, saying: “Run faggot, run. Run for your life bitch.” After Butler escapes, Ninja immediately invents a story about Butler sexually assaulting a young girl and tells his group that is “what went down” in order to cover themselves. [MORE]
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Sunday 18 August 2019
New York Public Library’s Main Branch Revamp Continues To Inch Forward
The New York Public Library’s marble lions aren’t the only elements of the famed building that are about to get a makeover. A piece of a larger master plan to restore several areas and increase public space in the NYPL’s landmarked Fifth Avenue building (formally known as the Steven A. Schwarzman Building) has been approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). The $317 million master plan—announced in 2017 and developed by architecture firms Mecanoo and Beyer Blinder Belle—includes a new entrance at West 40th Street that’s intended to improve public access (it was approved by the LPC in March), and the restoration of several rooms. [MORE]
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Ariana Grande Announces That A "Thank U, Next" Fragrance Is Coming Soon
Ariana Grande unveiled the packaging for her newest fragrance, Thank U, Next, named after her most recent album. Based on the name and the broken heart-shaped bottle, one might assume the base notes would include boys' tears and wine — but Grande just confirmed that's not the case. In a press release, Grande explained that the forthcoming scent smells a lot like her first fragrance, Ari, but more summery. "I revisited Ari’s fruity pear and raspberry notes and changed it up by adding some coconut," she said. You'll also find that the perfume is cocktailed with notes of rose petals, macaroon sugar, and velvet musk. As far as the bottle goes, she says it aligns with the overall message of the song the fragrance is named for: moving forward from a challenging chapter. [MORE]
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How To Get The Splash House Festival Look
Sunshine, a pool, hot weather and fantastic music makes for a perfect recipe to a blissed out festival weekend. Nobody knows this better than Splash House. Held in the idyllic desert oasis of Palm Springs twice a year, the two-day event beckons some of the most exciting names across the new wave of house music to its three poolside stages, making for one of the most unique festival experiences to grace the West coast in recent years. It's become tradition for attendees to come with their Splash House best for each edition, dressing to the nines in swim and summer ready attire. Highlights from looks this year feature holographic and leopard print materials, neon colored sunnies and bejeweled face accessories. [MORE]
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Saturday 17 August 2019
NYC’s Best Hidden Parks And Secret Gardens
Despite its reputation as a concrete jungle, New York City isn’t lacking in green space. Heck, some of the city’s most famous destinations are parks—but you will be hard-pressed to find actual peace and quiet on the High Line or in Central Park. A storehouse of under-the-radar gardens is crucial to finding nature nirvana when everyone you know is lounging lakeside in Prospect Park or taking the ferry to Governors Island. Avoid the crowds and enjoy some flora and fauna in unexpected places at these 13 hidden gems. [MORE]
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Alibaba Billionaire Buys Barclays Center For $700M
The co-founder of Chinese retail and e-commerce giant Alibaba (one of Amazon’s fiercest competitors) is making moves in NYC. Earlier today, the NBA announced that billionaire Joe Tsai will buy the Barclays Center, along with the remaining share of the Brooklyn Nets that he didn’t already own. According to the New York Post, he’ll pay around $700 million for the arena. Tsai, who already owns 49 percent of the Brooklyn Nets, will get the 51 percent controlling interest in the team and the arena. Both Barclays Center and the basketball team will cost him more than $3 billion, the Post says. “We are committed to maintaining Barclays Center’s iconic status by bringing together culture, community, and entertainment for our fans and everyone in New York,” Tsai said in a statement. [MORE]
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Friday 16 August 2019
The Coolest Things To Instagram This Weekend In NYC
So many pop-ups, art shows, and interactive experiences, so little storage left on your phone. Start deleting those bathroom selfie bursts and get ready to fill your feed with some of the coolest new Insta moments in New York. You’re welcome. Pixinity: Be among the first to get a 'gram at what's sure to be New York's latest Insta craze. Pixinity, a 10 room "futuristic wonderland of fun," brings the digital realm to life with colorful rooms, immersive scenes, and, of course, a ball pit. Artist Tianyu Qiu was inspired by his sister, who has autism. Though she struggles with verbal communication, she loves to express herself via the internet and emojis. Pixinity is even partnering with Autism Speaks to raise social awareness and support autism research. A selfie for a good cause? Count us in. Pixinity, 1 York St. [MORE]
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The Burning Man Art You Have To See This Year: The Head Maze
Burning Man isn’t just fun and games, and anyone who suggests otherwise is either full of bologna or selling something. It's an extreme place on all counts, pairing the blissful with the bastardized, and all too often the hardships are discounted for the sake of playful myth. Taking a moment or three for the introspective is a staple of the Burning Man experience. The playa holds a special capacity for reality, and like most powerful medicine, it doesn’t necessarily taste like peaches and cream. It’s a healthy process (most of the time), but rarely without an adequate amount of strife. [MORE]
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Thursday 15 August 2019
Racial Bias Observed In Hate Speech Detection Algorithm From Google
Understanding what makes something offensive or hurtful is difficult enough that many people can’t figure it out, let alone AI systems. And people of color are frequently left out of AI training sets. So it’s little surprise that Alphabet/Google -spawned Jigsaw manages to trip over both of these issues at once, flagging slang used by black Americans as toxic. To be clear, the study was not specifically about evaluating the company’s hate speech detection algorithm, which has faced issues before. Instead it is cited as a contemporary attempt to computationally dissect speech and assign a “toxicity score” — and that it appears to fail in a way indicative of bias against black American speech patterns. The researchers, at the University of Washington, were interested in the idea that databases of hate speech currently available might have racial biases baked in — like many other data sets that suffered from a lack of inclusive practices during formation. [MORE]
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Apple Searching For Massive NYC Office Space
Apple has joined the cadre of tech titans who are hunting for prime office space in Manhattan, The Real Deal reports. The company is generally searching for between 200,000 and 500,000 square feet for a new office space, but could even snag up to 750,000 of square feet, sources told The Real Deal. Among the properties Apple has scouted include 50 Hudson Yards—the Norman Foster-designed tower rising on 34th Street and 10th Avenue—the James A. Farley Post Office redevelopment, and One Madison Avenue, the sources said. These are properties that are also being eyed by tech behemoths like Amazon and Facebook as they search for space to house their ever-expanding companies. In Apple’s case, the new space would likely accommodate news hire the company plans to make, The Real Deal reports. [MORE]
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